Meet Our Founder

Hi! My name is Tommy Wong and I'm a full time Dental Student who is passionate to make a dent in the World of Dentistry.

Being a Dental Personnel, I have always wanted to leave a positive impact in the field of Dentistry.

Throughout the journey of Dentistry, I have realised that there is still a lack of Oral Health Education to the public globally. This leads to high prevalence of Oral Diseases such as Dental Caries, Periodontal Diseases, Oro-dental Trauma, Tooth Loss and etc among the human population globally. Most of these Oral Diseases are preventable. 

Prevention is better than Cure. And this can be achieved by giving professional Oral Health Education to the public globally. With this mission, me and my team have established "" with the mission to provide valuable information about oral health in such a way that the public is motivated to use that information for the protection or advancement of own, family’s or community’s oral health.

We promote Oral Health globally to enable people to increase control over, and to improve their Oral Health & General Health.

Whether you are a youngster, teenager or adult, this platform is specifically designed for you!

Your Dentition is Our Passion.


Rooting For Your Oral Health,

Tommy Wong.

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