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This is GlobaDentalPro.com which is specifically created for you. GlobalDentalPro.com has been established with the mission of educating the public to prevent and control oral diseases and conditions by building the knowledge that promotes healthy practices & behaviours.

We provide valuable information about oral health in such a way that the public is motivated to use that information for the protection or advancement of own, family’s or community’s oral health.

We aim to promote Oral Health globally to enable people to increase control over, and to improve their Oral Health.

We also provide latest information about the advancement in Dental Treatments and Dental Technologies. Thus, allowing the public to be aware of the new Dental Care Methods, Treatments or Technologies which are available.

By imparting the knowledge of Oral Health Care to the public globally, GlobalDentalPro.com aims to create an environment where all the people enjoy good oral health that contributes to leading healthy, satisfying lives.

Your Dentition. Our Passion.

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People with Dental Caries (%)
People With Gum Diseases (%)
People aged 65-74 who have No Natural Teeth (%)
People with Oro-dental Trauma (%)

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