How Does Home Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

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Whitening Your Teeth At Home

Say cheese, show me your teeth and Smile! Have a look at the photos you’re in, do you find that you’re smiling with your mouth closed? If not that’s great! You don’t fall between the few who are self-cautious about their teeth color. In recent studies, it was found that about 20% of people refuse to smile in photos because they do not want to show their teeth. No one should hide behind their smile! Not when there are plenty of effective ways to help getting closer to a bright white smile with easy home teeth whitening kits.

Home Teeth Whitening kit: What is it?

A home teeth whitening kit comes with whitening gel and soft bleaching trays that are custom-made by your dentist for your teeth and mouth size. Buying over-the-counter trays and whitening products could harm your oral tissues. The whitening gel that is prescribed your dentist has higher concentration/percentage of bleaching & whitening agents than over-the-counter products.

5 Easy Steps For Teeth Whitening  At Home

Step #1

It is always advisable to have your teeth cleaned professionally (dental scaling and polishing) by your dentist before doing any kind of teeth whitening, this is to make sure that all your teeth surfaces are clean thus helping you in achieving the desired teeth whitening result.

Step #2

On the first dental appointment, your dentist will take impressions of both of your dental arches. This is the fun part, you bite down into a soft material (impression material) which imprints your teeth. On the next dental appointment, you will then be given your custom-made bleaching trays and home teeth whitening gel with instructions on how to use them at home safely.

Step #3

Brush your teeth & floss as normal before using your bleaching trays at home, your teeth should be clean for the whitening gel to spread consistently over your teeth and work effectively.

Step #4

Apply the teeth whitening gel on your bleaching trays, make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions on how to apply the whitening gel on the trays. The trays are made with a little extra space to allow the gel to sit tightly and not spreading to your gums while you are putting them on your teeth. Seat the bleaching trays over the your teeth and press the tray downward firmly. Use finger, toothbrush or tissue paper to remove the excess whitening gel that flows beyond the edge of the tray. Then, rinse your mouth gently and do not swallow any solution. Your trays should be worn with the gel in them for about 3 to 4 hours or while you are sleeping (duration of wear might be different according to the manufacturers of the products), you should not drink, eat or smoke in this time. Try watching a movie or two to distract yourself.

Step #5

Remove the bleaching trays from your mouth, make sure you wash your mouth thoroughly, brush the residual teeth whitening gel off your teeth. Brush and rinse your bleaching trays as well, then store the bleaching trays in a safe container.

After you’ve completed the steps you should start to see results over time, you should always repeat steps 3 to 5 when you plan to do home whitening again. For faster results you can treat your teeth more frequently. It normally takes about 10 to 14 days to achieve great results.


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