How To Floss Your Teeth Properly?

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Daily Tooth Brushing, Flossing and the Use of Mouthwash are very essential yet simple steps to achieve Good Oral Health.

However, most of the people neglect daily Flossing and the Use of Mouthwash. According to the recent studies, only 50.5 % of the people floss their teeth daily. This shows that a lot of people are still not aware of the importance of Teeth Flossing.

What are the importances of Teeth Flossing?

  1. It removes the plaque or food particles between your teeth.
  2. It decreases the risk of getting gum diseases and dental caries.
  3. It Prevents and eliminate bad breath (Halitosis) problem.
  4. It clean the proximal surfaces of teeth which might be missed out by toothbrushing.

The Correct Method of Teeth Flossing:

  1. Get a suitable length of Dental Floss.
  2. Wrap the end of Dental Floss about each of your Index Fingers.
  3. Leave about 5 cm of Dental Floss between your Fingers.
  4. Gently slide the Dental Floss between your teeth by using a rocking motion until the Gum Line level.
  5. Curve the Dental Floss against one of your teeth.
  6. Slide the Dental Floss up and down to clean the proximal surface of tooth.
  7. Use clean section of Dental Floss to clean proximal surfaces of other teeth.
  8. Repeat the same steps until proximal surfaces of all teeth are cleaned.

Flossing teeth is part of a Good Oral Hygiene Routine. Teeth should be flossed once per day after Toothbrushing, preferably before sleeping. By practising these, Good Oral Health is possible for everyone.


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Article written by,

Dr. Wong Kee Cheong (Tommy)
Dental Surgeon.

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